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Book a Costa Cruise Holiday and Set Sail with Europe’s Largest Cruise Line

Costa cruise holidays are all about eliminating the stress and hassle of planning a holiday. Whether you want to spend some quality time with your family, romance your loved one or simply enjoy the company of your best friends, Costa cruises provide outstanding value for money and on board activities that are guaranteed to put a huge smile on your face. And with Costa’s industry-leading all-inclusive cruise packages, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is whether you want red or white wine..

Dine on deck under the stars or hop from one sumptuous restaurant to the next and discover a whole new world of flavour. Meet at one of the numerous bars and cocktail lounges before practising your Bond stare at the casino. If you’re feeling lively then simply waltz your way over to one of the onboard nightclubs and dance the night away as the morning sun casts golden beams across the ocean. Costa cruises are the holidays you’ve been dreaming of all this time.

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Costa Cruise Line Entertainment and Activities

Day and night you are completely free to explore Costa’s stunning cruise ship facilities and onboard activities. Chill out at the piano bar and sip on your favourite cocktail before heading to the onboard theatre to see a Broadway style extravaganza. Get active and invest some time getting back into your favourite sport or treat yourself to dance classes ranging from ballroom to disco. Learn a new language or simply take a book out from the library and soak up the rejuvenating rays of sunshine by the pool. Whatever you want to do, at whatever pace you want to do it, you can do it in total style and comfort on a luxurious Costa cruise holiday.

Other Costa Cruise Activities and Entertainment:

  • Multiple dining options
  • Multiple bars indoors and out
  • Multiple swimming pools and sunbathing decks
  • Superior Casino
  • Kids Club programmes
  • 24-hour room service
  • Ulta-modern fitness facilities
  • Stunning spas and health facilities
  • Internet
  • Beauty salon
  • Shops and boutiques
  • Golf lessons
  • Personal trainers and fitness classes

Costa Cruise Line Shore Excursions

Costa Cruise Line is renowned for its dynamic and endless list of some 2,000 exciting shore excursions. They aim to maximise “the excitement of travel” and provide you with new adventures on a daily basis. From cultural experiences in faraway lands to shopping extravaganzas mega metropolises and hidden street markets, culinary feasts to exhilarating activities in the great outdoors, whatever you want from your grand voyage, you’ll find it in abundance on a Costa cruise.

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Destinations Visited by Costa Cruise Line

Cruising Africa with Costa Cruise Line is simply one of the very finest ways to discover the stunning wildlife and ancient cultures of this colourful continent. From tropical forests filed with rare plants and dazzling floral displays to the crystalline beaches on the Indian Ocean, an Africa cruise holiday will dazzle you at every turn.

Costa Cruises in the Canaries, Portugal and Morocco

Cruise the Atlantic Ocean with Costa cruises and discover the Canary Islands’ eternal sunshine and dramatic volcanoes in Lanzarote, Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Explore the rustic and colourful coastal towns of Maderia and Lisbon in Portugal and immerse yourself in the intoxicating beauty of Morocco. Costa cruises will take you to the very heart of these enchanted lands.

Costa Cruises in the Caribbean

Indulge in world’s most breathtaking paradise. Wake up to the heartwarming sights of tropical pink waters and powder soft sands in the Virgin Islands, Venezuela and Barbados. Or dance your night away to the calypso rhythms of the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Antigua and the Cayman Islands. And for Latin-infused dining and electrifying entertainment, Florida, Miami, Honduras and Mexico will surely impress.

Costa Cruises in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates

Escape the cold and dark winter days of the UK and treat yourself to Costa cruise in the wonder that is modern-day Dubai and the UAE. It’s a world where east meets west, where past meets future. Soak up the sun at the beach or take your self to shoppers’ heaven in the space aged city Dubai. Have lunch at the top of one the world’s tallest skyscrapers or hunt out the stirring beauty of old-world Arabian culture and cuisine.

Costa Cruises in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea

For an extra large helping of culture ancient unrivalled heritage, nothing compares to the historic gems that hug the Mediterranean coast. Discover crumbling ruins of Athens and Jerusalem, and the awe-inspiring pyramids of Egypt. Stroll down narrow, winding lanes or Rome and Mykonos, in search of hidden street markets and undiscovered restaurants. Eastern Med cruises are peerless in every way.

Costa Cruises in the Far East

Uncover a world of contrasts, where time-honoured traditions collide with contemporary metropolises in the most spectacular of ways. And as if that’s not enough, you can also explore the lush-green forests and pristine beaches.

Find peace and tranquility at the temples of Bali and discover the zen-inducing beaches of Phuket; indulge in the gastronomic heavens of Singapore and Shanghai. Far East cruises are all about reconnecting with yourself and reinvigorating your mind, body, and soul.

Costa Cruises in the Indian Ocean and Mauritius

For the most exotic cruise experience through some of Mother Nature’s finest work, nothing can compete with spectacular destinations in the Indian Ocean. Connect with your inner self on the unbelievably perfect beaches of the Seychelles and Madagascar. Hike through the lush green peaks of Saint Denis (Réunion), know as the Paris of the Indian Ocean - this is most tropical of all tropical experiences. Add a pinch of contrast to your mind-expanding experience with a shore stop in Port Louis in Mauritius, where you can haggle at spice markets and take in the sights of the Moorish mosque and the bustling Chinese Quarter.

Cruise the Norwegian Fjords with Costa Cruises

Providing what is unquestionably the finest vantage point of Northern Europe, there’s no better way to see Norway’s Fjords and the relentless midnight sun. From towering cliffs that cast dramatic shadows over vibrant green waters to snowcapped peaks that melt into cascading waterfalls, this is one of the most romantic cruise destinations on the planet.

Costa Cruises to the Northern Capitals

With dramatic palaces and the vibrant cities of Saint Petersburg, Stockholm and Riga to explore, this enchanting cruise holiday is dripping in culture and North Capital cool. The route takes you deep into the heart of cities where the future is coloured by the past, each telling its own story through an intoxicating blend of of dazzling sights and sounds.

Costa Cruises in the Pacific Ocean

Set sail on your epic adventure and discover the vastness and serenity of the world’s largest ocean. Not only will you discover the iconic cities of Bora Bora, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Auckland and Melbourne, but you’ll also find tropical archipelagos and paradise islands of ethereal beauty. For dynamism, variety and contrast, nothing comes close to the experience of cruising the Pacific Ocean with Costa Cruises.

Costa Cruises of the Red Sea

Ride like a king through the sands and discover the ancient sights and culture of Jordan, Israel and Egypt. And away from dry land, too, you can experience the extraordinary beauty of the Red Sea’s luminous coral reefs, sweeping sand dunes and mirage-like oases. Dive or snorkel, float or swim, Red Sea cruses are all about mixing culture, nature and self-indulgence.

Costa Cruises in South America

Offering some of the world’s most vibrant and exhilarating traditions on the planet, cruise holidays in South America provide festivals of rhythm, colour and life.

Roam the pastel coloured streets of Buenos Aires and find out why Argentinians are so famous for their food, or go wild in the volcanic caves of Chile’s Easter Island. Dance the night away at beach festivals in Brazil’s iconic Rio de Janeiro or sail the gargantuan Panama Canal. From tiny beach towns and lush-green parks to mountaintop villages and sprawling cities, it’s impossible not to fall completely in love with this electrifying part of the world.

Costa Cruises in the Western Mediterranean

With some of the most culturally rich and breathtakingly beautiful cities on earth, cruising the Western Med is a truly spectacular and unforgettable experience.

Feel the warm Balearic breeze in your hair as you cycle through the ancient streets of Palma, where the cathedral erupts and pierces the soft blue sky. Walk the coastal paths that connect the five colourful Italian cities of Cinque Terre, which have been declared a UNESCO Word Heritage Site, and stop for pizza and shopping in Pisa and Florence. Discover the eccentric modernist architecture of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, a 2000-year-old beach city that is overflowing with culture and boundless energy. Or simply head to the perfect beaches of Ibiza and relax with a book and a cocktail before enjoying decadent meals under the stars. There’s nothing quite like a cruise holiday in the Mediterranean.

World Cruising with Costa Cruises

For a truly unforgettable grand tour of a lifetime, for that “one day we’ll do it” experience, a Costa world cruise is literally your dream come true.

See the world at your own pace, in sumptuous style and comfort, with fine dining and all of the comforts of home (and much, much more), there’s simply no better way to do it.

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Costa Departure Ports (With City Codes):

  • AOI - Ancona
  • BCN - Barcelona
  • BRI - Bari
  • BUE - Buenos Aires
  • CTA - Catania
  • CIV - Civitavecchia
  • CPH - Copenhagen
  • DXB - Dubai
  • FLL - Ft. Lauderdale
  • GOA - Genoa
  • HAM - Hamburg
  • HKG - Hong Kong
  • KEL - Kiel
  • LSP - La Spezia
  • LIV - Livorno
  • MRS - Marseille
  • MES - Messina
  • MIA - Miami
  • NAP - Naples
  • PMO - Palermo
  • SSZ - Santos
  • SVN - Savona
  • SHA - Shanghai
  • SIN - Singapore
  • TSN - Tianjin
  • TLN - Toulon
  • TRS - Trieste
  • VCE - Venice

Costa Cruise Line’s Bars and Restaurants

Take it easy with casual dining on deck or glam it up with fine dining and world-class cuisine. Mull over a poolside breakfast or make the most of your luxury cabin with 24-hour room service. Costa cruises will provide everything and anything you need and desire to make sure your dining experiences are out of this world.

Famed for bringing their “Italian ways” to everything they do, Costa cruises are the ideal places to chow down on proper Italian pizza, made by proper pizzaiolos who have all studied at the prestigious Accademia Italiana dell Pizza. And then there’s the fine wines and delicious ice-creams, the sumptuous salads and cheese feasts, made with the finest and freshest of ingredients.

Restaurant Samples:

  • Trattoria Italiana - Casual poolside dining
  • Tradizionale - Traditional dining in the main dining area
  • Salute e Benessere - Health conscious dining
  • Dining di Lusso - Speciality deluxe dining
  • Piccolo Morso - Snack and nibbles from the buffet or 24 hour room service
  • Pizzeria - Classic Italian pizzas
  • Spuntino - Treats and sweets from the buffet

Family Cruising and Childcare Services from Costa Cruises

With boundless activities and entertainment for small children, teenagers and for the whole family, a Costa family cruise holiday is the perfect way spend quality time together whilst making sure everyone is happy and content. Let them get creative at a pizza party or run wild on a treasure hunt, or why not treat them to an ice-cream social, a play or a talent contest. The kids clubs and babysitting service is fully supervised and run by professionals, which means you can totally relax and spend some quality time with your partner at the bar or by the pool or enjoying the grown up entertainment and activities for yourself.

Kids’ Menu

Costa cruises know that happy kids mean happy parents, and that’s why they have created the perfect kids’ menu. From spaghetti to burgers, pizza to ice-cream, even your little ones will be in gourmet heaven.

Costa Cruise Line Cabins and Accommodation

Some cruise lines promise “all the comforts of home” but Costa goes one step further and provides superior accommodation that is even better than home. Contemporary and functional, comfortable yet luxurious, Costa cruise line cabins provide an oasis of peace aboard your floating resort. And don’t forget about the 24-hour room service, which elevates the whole experience to a whole new level.

There are Ocean View Cabins, which offer huge windows so that you can wake to the soft morning rays and private balconies so you can really make the most of the room service (and mini bar). And the Grand Suites and Panorama Suites provide a peerless list of privileges and deluxe features.

Internal Cabins make these opulent cruise holidays even more economical than you ever dreamed possible whilst maintaining Costa’s iconic hospitality, comfort and Italian style.

All Costa Cruise Cabins Feature:

  • Air conditioning and climate control
  • Flat screen satellite TV
  • Hair dryer
  • Safety deposit box
  • Steward and 24-hour room service
  • Minibar
  • Private bathroom with all toiletries
  • Fresh linens and towels (changed regularly)
  • WiFi

About Costa Cruise Ships

Costa Cruises is Europe’s largest cruise operator and offers the widest selection of cruise holiday itineraries and cruise ships. Designed and built to merge the best in comfort, entertainment and timeless Italian style, you’re certain to find the perfect floating resort for your dream cruise holiday.

Costa Diadema

Costa’s flagship cruise liner

Costa Fascinosa

“A uniquely beautiful place to be”

Costa Favolosa

A floating fairytale castle

Costa Deliziosa

The most delicious ship in any of the seven seas

Costa Pacifica

“The music of the sea”

Costa Luminosa

“A diamond of light”

Costa Serena

Live like the gods

Costa Magica

“The Magic of Italy”

Costa Fortuna

A transatlantic legend

Costa Mediterranea

A Mediterranean palace

Costa Atlantica


Costa neoRiviera

A new word of cruising

Costa Victoria

Queen of the seas

Costa neoRomantica

Romance included

Costa neoClassica

“Timeless design”

Costa Classica

Iconic cruising

Costa Celebration

Let the good times roll

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  • Costa Magica
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